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Best Cryptocurrency Bank In Bhutan

Relationships between cryptocurrency and banks are booming in the present scenario because of the increase in crypto investors in most developed countries like Bhutan. Over time, there has been a substantial increase in the establishment of cryptocurrency-based banks in Bhutan. They help users open crypto-friendly accounts, and they are secure too.

The banks regulate the cryptocurrency holders in Bhutan, and the annual reports are made by the office of Her Majesty Revenue and Customs. It has made way for the opening of the best cryptocurrency bank in Bhutan. These banks will help the crypto holders to buy and sell their cryptocurrencies using these bank accounts.

The best part of keeping your money in these bank accounts is that they secure your cryptocurrencies. There is no room for fraudulent activities. Read on to find the list of cryptocurrency banks in Bhutan.


6 Best Cryptocurrency Bank in Bhutan


 1. PlasBit

You can now open your account in this Bhutan’s cryptocurrency bank that offers a free account and let you send money to more than 130 countries worldwide. It is one of the fastest and most secure ways to send money on the move globally and within Bhutan too.

When reloading your PlasBit account, you need to pay a one-time conversion fee on the card. Users have to pay the amount required to load the card. There is no fee after that on the operations of the card. The bank also offers prepaid plastic and virtual cards that the users can top-up using the cryptocurrencies like USDC, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.

The fiat balances held in the custodial bank account will not be used for corporate purposes.  Furthermore, the bank protects your accounts under Securities Investor Protection Corporation for a maximum of $250,000.

Furthermore, two-factor authentication and blockchain technology back customers’ privacy and security. PlasBit may check bank statements and sales agreements between two parties before the transaction occurs.


 2. Revolut

If you are looking forward to the best cryptocurrency bank in Bhutan, Revolut tops the list. The bank accepts customers from the US, Europe, Singapore, Bhutan, and Japan. Founded in 2015, the bank catered to the crypto asset saving needs of the 18 million personal accounts. Furthermore, it operates through Android and iOS mobile devices.

This US-approved bank offers crypto services in the region. You can receive or send funds in your Revolut account like the traditional bank account. It is a cross-currency bank account where users can send or receive funds in their currency. It covers almost 30 leading crypto assets like Dogecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and XRP. The minimum trade size can be started by spending $1. However, crypto trading can attract a commission of 2.5%.


 3. Barclays

The bank has total assets worth £1.3 trillion, one of the oldest and largest banks in Bhutan. You can purchase the cryptocurrencies using your regular debit and credit cards. However, customers can only withdraw funds from their Binance account and not deposit into it. The stand of Barclays on cryptocurrency sales and purchases is quite clear. There may be certain exchanges the customers need to avoid because of the scams that are happening daily. The sales and purchase of the cryptocurrency are made on a payment-by-payment basis.



This platform is transitioning the way people are accelerating toward using cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency wallet helps users control their data, money, and identity. You can buy and sell 250+ cryptocurrencies with more than 20 fiat currencies where you can use a bank debit or credit card. also offers a pure metal card that you can top up with your crypto or fiat currency. You can use the platform on your Android and iOS devices. It is ISO and PCI- compliant for maximum protection.


 5. Monzo Bank

It is a crypto-friendly and best cryptocurrency bank in Bhutan that offers FSCS Protection for users. Monzo bank is a challenger bank that is available to people residing in Bhutan. The security framework of the FCA regulates it and covers a GBP balance of up to £85,000.

This bank is also mobile-only and easily accessible on iOS and Android apps. You will get the local bank account number, the sort code, and the debit card issued by MasterCard. You can buy and sell cryptocurrency through the Monzo Account. However, you must pay £5 monthly to carry out the transactions. However, the bank bans the transactions from the Binance exchange. You can open a free bank account and use it to fund the account.


 6. Binance

You can buy, trade, and hold up to 350+ cryptocurrencies on this crypto platform. Binance has generated $38 billion by using 24-hour trading volume. There are almost 120 million registered users. It has the lowest transaction fee, which is less than 0.10%.

In just three simple steps, you can create your Binance account. First, verify your identity. After this, fund your account using your crypto or fiat cards. Now, start buying and selling your cryptocurrency on this platform. You will receive personalized access control along with Secure Asset Fund for Users. It uses end-to-end encryption to safeguard your account.


Final Thoughts

Over time, Bhutan has seen surging crypto transactions every year, which made the government allow some of its reputed banks to carry out the crypto transactions. You can carry out cryptocurrency buying and selling under complete security.

Users can use any crypto-friendly bank to make transactions like buying and selling. However, PlasBit is the best cryptocurrency bank in Bhutan. You will get security storage and multi-coin support. There is an SSL technology used for data protection and confidentiality. This platform secures crypto assets in cold storage against third-party theft and physical damage. The online wire fund transfer service is the future of PlasBit banking.

Now, buying, selling, and holding cryptocurrencies in Bhutan are relatively easy and secure as fiat currency. Only you need to choose the crypto bank where your crypto is safe and allows you to make hassle-free transactions.