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Best Cryptocurrency Bank Deposits

Cryptocurrency bank deposits refer to depositing cryptocurrencies into a bank account. This process is becoming increasingly popular with the growth of the cryptocurrency market, as more people are looking to store their digital assets securely and conveniently. The crypto bank will then hold the cryptocurrency on your behalf while you can access and use it via a secure online banking platform.


Additionally, crypto banks can offer services such as lending, trading, custody, and transfer of crypto assets. Some crypto banks also offer crypto cards which can be used to make payments with digital currency or ATM withdrawals. The best cryptocurrency bank deposits offer competitive interest rates, top-notch securities, insurance policies, lower fees, and other features that make them attractive to customers.


This article will discuss the best crypto banks for cryptocurrency deposits and their features.


Top Cryptocurrency Bank Deposits

Today, access to cryptocurrencies has increased, thanks to the many traditional banks that have started accepting crypto deposits and the newer cryptocurrency banks offering crypto services. Here’s a list of the best cryptocurrency bank deposits:


PlasBit Crypto Bank

PlasBit is a new bank that has made a name for itself as the first fully anonymous crypto bank. The bank offers a range of services to its customers, including crypto cards, wallets, and transfers.


PlasBit’s multi-coin support sets it apart, allowing users to manage BTC, ETH, LTC, ADA, USDC, and all their tokens in one convenient location. The bank also offers domestic and international wire transfer options, making it easy for customers to transfer funds quickly and securely.


PlasBit utilizes multiple verification methods, including SMS, email, and Authenticator app support. Finally, PlasBit supports wire transfers, bank cards, and Bitcoin deposits, providing customers with various deposit options. With its innovative features and commitment to privacy, PlasBit is quickly becoming one of the best cryptocurrency deposits.



  • Anonymous crypto cards for spending and withdrawals.
  • High spending limits and single ATM withdrawals.
  • High-security standards on both your wallet and crypto card.
  • Supports several deposit methods.


Quontic Bank

Quontic Bank is a digital bank that stands out for its innovative and inclusive approach to banking. As a Certified Community Development Financial Institution, Quontic Bank aims to provide affordable loan rates and support underserved communities. One of the unique features of Quontic Bank is that it allows both Bitcoin and fiat currency deposits, making it an excellent option for customers interested in digital currencies.


In addition to traditional banking services, Quontic Bank also offers a Quontic Pay Ring, a wearable debit card that allows for easy and convenient purchases. Customers who use the Bitcoin debit card can even earn rewards on their purchases, making it an excellent option for those interested in earning rewards while managing their finances.



  • Bitcoin reward checking account of up to 1.5% on money spent.
  • A 1.10% APY on your direct deposits.
  • No ATM, overdraft, and low account balance fees. 
  • A mobile app that makes it easy to manage your finances.



Juno is one of the best cryptocurrency bank deposits because of the seamless deposit methods and high rewards. Juno is a financial platform that utilizes a tech-forward approach to provide a high-earning banking experience.


With a Basic account, users can earn a bonus rate of 1.20% on all deposits up to $5,000 and up to  5% back on spendings up to $3,000 on the metal account, allowing for significant growth potential. Additionally, Juno offers impressive returns on crypto holdings, with 6% APY on Juno USDC and 3% APY on both BTC and ETH.


Accounts are FDIC-insured, providing an extra layer of security for users’ funds. At the same time, Juno’s debit cards are protected by a Zero Liability protection policy, ensuring peace of mind for all transactions. Overall, Juno offers a comprehensive and secure financial platform for users looking to maximize their earnings potential.



  • No holding period on withdrawals of digital assets.
  • Free and instant payments.
  • Free ATM access.
  • Contactless payment for Google, Samsung, and Apple Pay.



Wirex is a fiat-cryptocurrency payment platform that allows users to buy, store, and trade digital currencies. It is one of the best cryptocurrency bank deposits, with near-instant blockchain-powered crypto transactions. With Wirex, customers can easily manage their crypto funds through their debit card, making it easy to access their funds wherever Visa is accepted.


The platform supports bank transfers and direct crypto deposits. It also supports the sending and receiving of crypto assets for free. One feature of Wirex crypto bank is that you can customize your address book and pay people in seconds.



  • Secure transactions with multi-signature wallets.
  • Earn $5 on every referral making deposits over $100 and $15 on referrals making deposits over $15.
  • Advanced security measures, including Two Factor Authentication.


Benefits Of Cryptocurrency Deposits

Making cryptocurrency deposits have several key benefits. Some of them include:


  • Access to Insured Deposits

One of the most significant advantages of making cryptocurrency bank deposits is access to insured deposits. Unlike keeping your cryptocurrency in a digital wallet, which is not insured, depositing your cryptocurrency in a bank protects against potential losses due to hacking or other security breaches. Many banks offer insurance coverage on cryptocurrency deposits, which can provide a sense of security and peace of mind for investors.


  • Interest Rates

Another factor to consider when making cryptocurrency bank deposits is the potential for earning interest on your deposits. Some banks offer interest rates on cryptocurrency deposits, which can provide a passive income stream for investors. Moreover, some crypto banks allow staking to earn passive income from your crypto holdings. This can offer investors an added layer of security and the potential for greater investment returns.


  • Secure Storage

Crypto banks typically provide secure storage solutions for investors’ cryptocurrency deposits. This means that they store digital assets in offline cold storage or multi-signature wallets, which decreases the risk of hacking or theft. Additionally, some crypto banks also use advanced security measures such as two-factor authentication and other encryption techniques to ensure the safety of customer funds.


  • Ease of Use

Making cryptocurrency bank deposits is also straightforward and user-friendly. Many banks have streamlined the process of depositing cryptocurrency, making it easy for even novice investors to get started. Moreover, depositing your cryptocurrency in a bank allows you to quickly transfer funds between accounts or withdraw them as needed, making it a convenient option for investors who require frequent access to their assets.


Summing Up- Recommendation

Getting the best cryptocurrency bank deposits is crucial to successful investments. By researching and considering the features, benefits, and security precautions certain banks offer, investors can decide which option is best for their needs.


We recommend PlasBit as the best cryptocurrency banks deposits. PlasBit offers secure storage, anonymous cards, low fees, and support for multiple currencies. This ensures you can deposit, hold, transfer, and spend your cryptocurrency securely and conveniently.

Best Cryptocurrency Bank Deposits